Q01. Why is my position out by several kilometres?

Mocal requires a GPS signal in order to accurately determine your position. It is NOT possible to get a GPS signal indoors. When indoors, or a GPS position is not available, your iPhone uses your mobile operator’s cell-towers to determine your position. This estimated position is not very accurate. If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network then the recorded location of this network will be used by your iPhone in order to determine your general position. When viewing your location on a map, the accuracy of your estimated position will be represented by a blue circle that surrounds the blue dot on the map. When your iPhone is using cell towers to determine your position this circle may be several kilometres away from your actual current position. In this instance you may wish to manually select the suburb that you are in, or alternatively ensure that your iPhone has a clear view of the sky to get an accurate GPS position.

Just to clarify, your GPS position is something that is determined by your iPhone and not by the Mocal Application. The Mocal application relies on the position information that has been provided by your iPhone, by GPS, cell tower or Wi-Fi.

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Q02. Why am I having issues getting an accurate GPS position?

If you are having GPS positioning issues, please check the following:

  • Check that you are running the latest iPhone firmware. Connect your iPhone to your computer, open iTunes, click on your iPhone’s name in column on the left and then select ‘Check for Update’. iTunes will now run you through the process if an update is required.
  • When driving, make sure that your iPhone is placed securely in your car cradle and it has a clear view of the sky out of the windscreen.
  • Make sure there is not an excessive number of tall buildings surrounding you. If this is the case your phone may not have a clear view of the sky.
  • Try remaining stationary for a short time to ensure that your phone gets an accurate GPS position before you start off on your journey.
  • Make sure that the windscreen of your car is not causing an interference with the GPS signal. Try walking with Mocal while outside of your vehicle to see if your phone can maintain an accurate GPS position.

There have been several reports of iPhones having GPS positioning issues. We have posted some links below from users experiencing similar issues.

CNET Reviews

And the following website. Please ignore the advice “firmly but gently smacking it against a table” and scroll down the post slightly …

MacRumors: Forums

If you are still experiencing difficulties, we suggest that you contact Apple or your mobile operator to let them know that you believe that the GPS chip on your handset is faulty. Alternatively, look to purchase an in-car cradle that has a built in GPS receiver. TomTom has a cradle that comes highly recommended.

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Q03. Why is the Current Position / Suburb box in the top right corner blank?

When you first opened Mocal you may have blocked Mocal’s access to your iPhone’s location data. To reset this select Settings / General / Reset / Reset Location Warnings. Turn off your iPhone and turn it on again and then try opening Mocal again. This time please make sure that you allow Mocal to access your location data.

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Q04. Am I charged for data downloads while using Mocal?

Mocal is designed to run using a very small amount of data. Data is included in most new phone plans so the nominal data usage required should not be an issue. Mocal downloads and stores the maps on your phone, as and when you need them. This ensures that Mocal does not take up to much of your phone’s memory or data usage, and only if newer maps become available will they get updated.

Please note: If data is not included in your current monthly plan we would suggest discussing what data plans your mobile operator has available.

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Q05. How much data does Mocal use?

The first time you use Mocal it downloads maps as it needs them. Once a map has been downloaded, then it is stored on your phone until an updated map becomes available or until you clear your cached maps from within the Mocal Settings menu.

Say for example you were travelling from St Leonards in Sydney to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. This journey is 106 km and would take just under 2 hours by car.

  1. The first time you make this journey Mocal will use 1.2Mb of data (iPhone Sent: 287KB / Received: 983KB).
  2. The next time you make this journey, Mocal will only use 110KB (0.1Mb) of data (iPhone Sent: 42KB / Received: 68Kb), because the maps have been stored on your phone and do not need to be downloaded again.

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Q06. Why is Mocal not using my current position when I am searching for places?

To check if Mocal is using your current position, make sure that the Blue dot is highlighted next to the suburb (location) box on the top right corner of your iPhone’s screen. If you have already initiated the search and you notice that it is not highlighted, simply press the target button next to the suburb’s name. The screen will refresh and display the results relevant to your current location.

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Q07. Why is the distance listed for search results from my current location incorrect?

Your current position is determined by your iPhone. If your iPhone does not have an accurate GPS position the distances listed for search results will not be 100% correct. If your iPhone is using cell towers to determine your location then these distances could even be out by several kilometres. To ensure accurate distances, please make sure that your iPhone has a clear view of the sky and can therefore obtain an accurate GPS position.

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Q08. Why do I need GPS Navigation?

GPS Navigation services take the stress out of travelling somewhere new, or to an area that you are not too familiar with. They free you up to focus on driving whilst at the same time remaining relaxed as you know exactly where you are going. Previously, dedicated GPS Navigation systems have been relatively expensive. Today most GPS capable mobile phones are able to provide you with a similar, if not better service.

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Q09. What does GPS stand for?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. GPS is a system made up of a network of 24 satellites placed into orbit by the US Government. A GPS capable device is able to estimate your position on Earth to a typical accuracy of around 5 to 25 metres.

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Q10. Can you get a GPS signal indoors?

No, determining your GPS position will only work if you do not have clear line of sight of the sky. It is not currently possible to get a GPS signal indoors.

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Q11. Do I need mobile network coverage to receive a GPS signal?

No, you do not require mobile network coverage in order to receive a GPS signal. You do however require mobile network coverage to view new maps and to use the GPS navigation service.

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Q12. Can I look at and browse maps with no GPS signal?

Yes, by manually selecting your location/suburb you can browse all the maps and use the ‘location aware’ search feature without a GPS fix. The turn-by-turn GPS navigation feature does however require a GPS signal.

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Q13. What is Mocal?

Mocal is a location aware search, interactive map and turn-by-turn GPS Navigation service.

Using Mocal customers are able to:

FIND – any address, business or restaurant close-by, or in a selected suburb. SEE – a map of your current location or any address in Australia. SHARE – locations with friends, family or colleagues. GO – there using 3D maps and live turn-by-turn voice directions (Mocal also announces street names)

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Q14. What’s so different about Mocal?

Mocal focuses on providing a highly localised service for Australians. We have developed the service from the ground up for the iPhone. Our primary aim has been to ensure that we connect all our customers to the best available local content wherever they may be.

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Q15. What is the difference between Mocal and the other navigation applications?

Most GPS Navigation applications calculate the route on the phone itself. This means that maps are stored locally and the mobile phone determines the optimum route. These types of applications are referred to as on-board navigation services.

Mocal is an off-board (connected) navigation service. The routing is determined over the Internet using a server. This ensures that you are always using the latest maps and have access to a wide variety of real-time information that is guaranteed to make your journeys more enjoyable.

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Q16. Do I need a mobile network connection to use Mocal?

Yes, your mobile phone needs an Internet/data connection in order to be able to use the local search, maps and GPS navigation service. When using turn-by-turn GPS navigation, Mocal will download all routing instructions upfront and even if you have limited mobile network coverage on your journey, Mocal will continue to give you turn-by-turn directions.

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Q17. What happens to turn-by-turn directions when there is no network coverage?

Mocal downloads all the necessary turn-by-turn information at the beginning of your journey. If you are going through places in which there is little to no network coverage, don’t worry, Mocal will continue to tell you where to go.

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Q18. How do I update the maps?

Mocal always runs on the latest maps. Each time you use the service the maps are downloaded to your mobile phone and are stored locally until newer maps become available. When newer maps are available they will automatically be updated, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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Q19. How large (Mb) is the Mocal application?

The great thing about Mocal is that it downloads maps only when they are required. This means that Mocal does not take up valuable storage space on your mobile phone.

The Mocal application is only 1.8Mb and it can therefore be downloaded over the air and not only using a Wi-Fi network.

So when you need directions, you can download Mocal right there and then.

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Q20. Can I search for an address by just typing it in?

Mocal provides you with the ability to enter in a “free form” address. You can do this using the search box within FIND. Once you have found the address you can See where it is on a map, Get Driving or Walking directions there or Share it with friends via eMail or on Facebook.

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Q21. Why does my mobile phone ask me if I want to ‘Turn On Location Services to Allow ‘Mocal’ to Determine Your Location’?

To use Mocal and to ensure that the information presented to you is relevant to your current location, Mocal needs to access information from your phone that automatically detects your current location. This is particularly important when using the GO, turn-by-turn GPS navigation feature, when an accurate GPS location is required. To activate this feature simply access your General Phone Settings and Turn Location Services ‘ON’.

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Q22. Should I use an in-car cradle and charger?

We strongly recommend using an in-car cradle and charger at all times when using your phone while driving. An in-car cradle will allow your phone to maintain a clear view of the sky as well as place your mobile phone in an easy to see position that allows you to quickly glance at it as and when required. The positioning of your in-car cradle should not obstruct your field of vision. We also recommend that you use an in-car charger when using any services that require GPS. This will ensure that you have a charged phone when you arrive at your destination.

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Q23. Does Mocal support the TomTom Car Kit?

Yes, Mocal is compatible with the TomTom car kit and we highly recommend purchasing this kit as it significantly enhances your GPS accuracy and also allows you to easily connect your iPhone to your car stereo (if it has an Aux input).

If you purchase the car kit we suggest that you download the TomTom car kit tool App so that the TomTom car cradle does not request that you download the TomTom App every time that you dock your iPhone.

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Q24. Can I receive calls while using Mocal?

Yes, you can receive calls while navigating using Mocal. Mocal will pause in the background while you are on the call and will start up again once the call has ended.

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Q25. Can I make/receive calls and still see directions given by Mocal?

Yes this is possible, but not recommended while driving (it is also illegal). If you know that you are going to have a long conversation while driving we advise that before you make or receive your call you find a safe place to pull over as well as ensure that the phone is securely placed in your car cradle. Once you have initiated/answered the phone call, press the main iPhone menu button, open Mocal (select a destination – if you have not already done so). You will now be able to see the turn-by-turn directions while at the same time talking on the phone. You can then continue on with your journey.

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Q26. Can I still listen to music while using Mocal?

Yes, Mocal has built in iPod controls that allow you to view details of what is currently playing, skip to previous/next track as well as control the volume of the music and spoken audio directions.

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Q27. Why can’t I hear spoken street directions?

Firstly, please check that your iPhone is not in silent mode.

If your iPhone is not in silent mode then make sure that the volume on your iPhone is turned up. You can also check the volume while in navigation mode by pressing on the audio icon on the right hand side of the navigation screen. On this screen, press the Repeat last spoken direction (bottom right button) and you should now hear the spoken voice directions.

If you are still having problems, please send the team support@mocal.com.au an email outlining your problem.

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Q28. How do I get Mocal?

Mocal is available for download from the iPhone App store. All new users get their first 30 days FREE.

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Q29. Do I automatically start getting charged after the Free Trial?

No, after your 30 day Free Trial has ended and you would like to use the GO (GPS Navigation) feature, you will be prompted to decide which purchase option you would like to select (30 day, Annual or 3 year pass).

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Q30. What phones are supported?

Mocal currently supports only iPhones. For Mocal to run on iPhone, its operating system (iOS) version must be 3.1 or later. Mocal will be extended to support a wide range of mobile phones in the near future.

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Q31. What happens if my iPhone is lost, stolen or replaced?

You can transfer your Mocal GPS Navigation license from one iPhone to another iPhone. Unfortunately it is not possible to transfer this license to another mobile device. Please note that once transferred your old iPhone will no longer be able to access and use the Mocal GPS Navigation feature. Please allow for up to 10 working days for the license transfer to take effect. To transfer your license, please see steps below.

Steps to transfer your Mocal GPS Navigation license:

  1. When you initially purchase Mocal please save the iTunes receipt as well as the iPhone’s unique identifier (UDID) that you purchased the subscription from. To see your iPhone’s UDID all you need to do is connect your iPhone to your PC/Laptop and open iTunes. Go to your iPhone’s main screen in iTunes, click on the Serial Number and your iPhone’s UDID will be displayed. Please store your iTunes receipt and iPhone’s UDID somewhere safe.
  2. If your iPhone is lost/stolen/replaced please forward your iTunes Receipt when you purchased Mocal to license@mocal.com.au as well as your old iPhone’s UDID, your new iPhone’s UDID and your mobile phone number.
  3. Please allow up to 10 business days for the Mocal team to transfer the license to your new iPhone. We will send you an email or give you a call once the transfer is complete and you can start using Mocal GPS Navigation feature on your new iPhone.

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Q32. Why am I having difficulty using a contact’s address that has been saved in my phone’s address book?

Please check the formatting of the address that has been saved in your phone’s address book. You may need to remove certain components of the address before Mocal is able to utilise the address information entered. We suggest removing information (such as floor, suite, etc.) other than the street number, street name and suburb/town/city.

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Q33. How can I get a local business listed within Mocal?

Mocal retrieves local business listings from TrueLocal. If you would like to get your business listed we suggest visiting TrueLocal

If you are a local restaurant/bar/cafe and would like to appear in Eatability’s results, please visit Eatability

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Q34. How can I demonstrate Mocal to friends, family and colleagues?

We are a local company and therefore rely heavily on word of mouth promotions for our application. A demonstration is more powerful than a thousand words. To demonstrate Mocal; select ‘GO’, select a destination; now select ‘Preview Route’. Mocal will now calculate the selected route and present you with a route overview. On the route overview screen simply press ‘Play’ and you will be able to show off Mocal to your friends, family and colleagues. You do not require a GPS signal to demonstrate Mocal and are therefore able to demonstrate Mocal indoors.

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Q35. How can I enable Location services for Mocal?

When a user first installs Mocal, it prompts the user asking if they want to enable Location Services for Mocal Application. If a user selects “Don’t Allow”, then Mocal will not be able to use the Location Services and its use will be limited. The user must enable Location Services for Mocal if they want to use it for Navigation. To enable Location Services for Mocal; Go to iPhone’s Settings; Select Location Services; Turn it ON if it is turned OFF; Select Mocal from the list of applications; Turn ON Location Services for Mocal. Mocal will now be able to use Location Services for navigation.

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