Mocalisation (moh-kal-i-zation)

n. the process of being able to see and be in touch with everything in your vicinity

It’s time to take the idea of mobile navigation to a new level - a truly local level.

Today GPS Navigation products have become commonplace - as has the idea of searching the net for things to do, buy, and experience. Add to that the global fixation for social networking. It's clear the way people find their way around (to buy things, go places and meet each other) is in a continuous state of evolution.

People can now pinpoint places on the other side of the planet, find a needle in a haystack and get precise directions for how to go straight to it. Cool for playing, but very few of us live a global life. Instead, we live local lives, and as the world crowds in on us, we seek greater comfort and satisfaction in all that is local to us.

Enter the age of CONTEXTUAL ASSISTANCE, which is the coming of age for mobile navigation. MOCAL is for people who are living, playing and doing business locally, and want to share with friends.

Mocal’s FIND – SEE – SHARE – GO gives you the power to act local and to source your own crowd, to move from idea to happening all off the one screen.

We've come to call it mocalisation. The process of truly being able to see and be in touch with everything in your immediate vicinity - whether it's your regular locality, or a new locality.

Mocal - The next generation of mobile applications designed around you.